How to Report Someone on Discord [Easy Working Methods]

Discord is a popular free text chat and voice chat communication application for gamers, that you can use on Windows, Android, macOS, IOS, and web browser. This application allows audio, video, and text chatting communication between multiplay game teammates. SO many gamers like to play multiplay games with teammates and communication with using Discord application. But, Discord is a popular free communication application that reason so many negative, different kinds of hobbyists, scammer and toxic users increasing in discord. This kind of users easily sending undesirable messages too as the chat is open and every user is free to send anything which they want and sometimes you worry how to report someone on discord who sending inappropriate messages don’t worry you are not only one facing this problem there are many gamers and discord user are facing issues Today in this post, we will guide you about how to report someone on discord. So, you can easily do the same when such an incident happens with you. You need to take immediate action to solve the problem with these methods.

How to Report Someone on Discord [Easy Working Methods]

How to Report Someone on Discord

There are steps you want to make the successful report, If someone is sending harassment, threatening or spamming messages, sending any suicidal messages, and abusive in chat. This can also happen in the discord other groups server is involved in a harmful and negative activity that violates discord application community guidelines. First, you need to notice if you report any user or Discord group on Discord, they must have broken a discord site community guideline. Those discord community guidelines are quite simple and clear to ban easily negative types of discord users.
Here is the guide that you need to do on discord.

How to Report Someone on Discord? Try these Following Easy Simple Methods

Method #1: Check if their User Message Violates Discord’s Guidelines

Before reporting, you need to make sure the community guidelines set by Discord site when you find an undesirable message to be inappropriate and you need to make sure you want to report so that such messages don’t seem again. In the discord guidelines, you will need to notice the activities and messages Within the discord guidelines are as follows.

  • Harassing someone
  • Repeatedly Posting Spam Messages
  • Violating Intellectual Property rights
  • Share of Child Pornography
  • Promoting Self Harm
  • Malware distribution, piracy, phishing, hacking – all are prohibited
  • Improper labeling of NSFW channels
  • Sharing content with the intent of shaming another user
  • Threatening other user’s physical or financial state
  • Trying to steal another user’s account information
  • Sharing images of animal cruelty

If the sent message doesn’t Mach into the above any points then you should not report it directly to Discord, in this cause it is best you need to talk the discord groups server admin first. This way admin takes east the action and ban and kick them from the server. If action not possible you can easily block and mute the user who sending an inappropriate message, so that step you will not see user SMS.

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Method #2: Discord How to Report Someone If you are Server Admin

If you try to start the process of report, someone, on discord, Discord will need user ID code and the screen short message communicated to the user and server ID code. Don’t need to delete the discord SMS of the user these proof team will use to investigate.
Here is the guide that you can get user ID code, proof, and server ID.

  • First, you need to turn on Discord Developer Mode, Click on setting icon next to your name in the below-left corner
How to Report Someone on Discord
  • Select the option “appearance”, Appearance menu scroll down Advance section page and “developer mode” off toggle you need to turn it on
How to Report Someone on Discord
  • Developer mode on next, you will need ID code to Right-click on the user name and choose Copy ID for the User ID Even if your change the discord name.
How to Report Someone on Discord (2)
  • Paste the you copy it somewhere safe.
  • Select the three dots and once again to the right of the message select the “copy ID” link and paste the you copy link it somewhere safe.
  • Last ID, you need to go on the server icon and on the right-click on
  • it know “copy ID” the last id and Paste the you copy it somewhere safe
How to Report Someone on Discord (3)
  • Go on the discord report form and add all the report related information filed it
  • Discord team will investigate you are report and fast action

Report someone on discord is the last option but If you are the admin of discord servers and Violates kinds of activities happened in you on the server then you will kick and ban the user who Violates Discord’s Guidelines. If your not discord server owner then talk the discord groups server admin first. This way admin takes east the action and ban and kick them from the server.

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Method #3: Send your report to Discord Teams

Your fast and final method will be to send your report to the Discord Via team report support center. First, you need to enter your own email, now select your report categories option in the box that most much your report topic situation and next description box describe full report and add three ID link next last step send it to report.

If you Want to Kick User on Discord Server

If you need to kick a user from the discord server, first you have to be an admin on the server. If you are admin on discord server you can kick easily any user form you on discord server. But the user have abilities to rejoin the discord server. In this step, we will guide how you can kick user permanent your own server user not rejoin discord server

  • First you need to select a server in discord
  • User list select user which you want to kick the server
  • Right-click on the user name and select kick option
  • Last step Select confirm Kick again.

These confirm kick option will user avoid to rejoin the discord server and the user will not be able to rejoin until you allow then unban from your own server. If you want the user to rejoin The admin have abilities to unban the server.

And, I hope it all recommendation helps you How to Report Someone on Discord let me know in the comment box below which method has got you the right way.

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