Fortnite Voice Chat Not Working [Fixed]

Fortnite is a popular online battle royal game in the world, is a game developed by Epic Games. Fortnite game is a multiplayer game where 99 players fight against each other in combat. After loading, in it, gamers drop right into a map, either on their own or with a team, Player need to pick up as many weapons, upgrade their weapons parts, build structures, and items as possible if they want to win in this match. Fortnite has an in-game voice chat feature that allows you to coordinating with the teammates while playing the game. Voice chat is very important for team communication. Unfortunately, there are some players have complained that the mic working well in other games but not working in the Fortnite multiplayer game. If you are facing the Voice Chat Not Working problem don’t worry about this post, we will guide how to fix Fortnite voice chat not working in Windows 10 issue.
Fortnite Voice chat not Working PC in Windows 10

Fix Voice Chat Not Working Fortnite

We have put together five methods below for you to fix the Fortnite voice chat not working properly issue. We will guide you and you can easily fix the problem with one of the using below following at the top methods step-by-step.
Firstly, We recommend you to restart your own headset, PC and Net Device Fist. This action refreshes your PC operating system and remove the corrupt running bar task and remove any temporary data that could be main causing the problem. Starting the basic troubleshooting step here to first check to make sure that you are using a wireless headset is powered on. If your wireless head is not powered on fast you need to replace the batteries and recharged headphone. If wireless headset full charge and on, make sure your wireless headphone has connecting proper for you are Gaming PC. If all correct you can say that your headset is properly working fine. If the Fortnite Voice chat not Working problem then to the next method.

Method #1: Logout and Login again in Fortnite Account

This is the fastest and easiest way to fix and this method works mostly. If your voice chat not working Fortnite game issues. You need to follow this method just log out of the Fortnite account and log in again to see whether this fix works for you or not. This is the easiest and common fix work most of the gamers. If this Fortnite voice chat not working in Windows 10 problem for you then try a different method.

Method #2: Fix Voicechat issues with in-game settings

Fortnite has in-game audio settings. Following these recommendations for Fix Voice Chat Not Working Fortnite game. This following setting will fix the issues where the other gamers and your friend could not hear you talk or not could you hear them. Start with Fortnite.
  • Start Fortnite, in-game click on the menu icon in the upper top-right corner. then click the setting icon to open the game settings.
  • Click on the speaker icon to see the audio settings. Then turn off Voice Chat and click Apply.
  • Exit Fortnite Dame.
  • Re-launch it Fortnite game again and Turn ON the voice chat.
Check if the Fortnite Voice chat not Working PC problem still facing, then try different steps.

Method #3 Download the latest Updated Fortnite patch

Fortnite developers make regular game patches to fix game bugs. it is the same possible that a recent patch update has might stopped your Fortnite gaming voice chat and the latest patch updates could need to fix it this audio problem. If you play Fortnite using the Epic Launcher. try the following methods for downloading of the latest patch update.
  • launch the Epic Launcher.
  • On the left panel, Click Library
  • Click the setting icon button on the lower-mid corner of Fortnite.
  • Turn on the toggle next to Auto-update.
  • Now Restart the Epic Launcher.
  • Restart the Epic launcher. If there is a latest patch update available to install, it will be automatically downloaded and installed when you will Run Fortnite.

Method #4 Check your Windows 10 mic Settings

First you need to check your gaming audio settings is correct, you will also want to make sure the windows 10 operating system setting sound is set correctly.
  • Right-click on the Speaker icon the icon you see at the below-right of the corner and select Sounds setting.
  • Click on the playback menu and Select the Headphone which you are using and click on Set as Default Setting.
  • Click on the Recording tab and chose the Specker Mice which you are using and select Set as Default Setting.
You will also want to see that the Fortnite game app is not muted.
  • Launch Fortnite game and minimize the game press the you keyboard key Windows icons key
  • Press keyboard windows icon key + I key to open the game app Setting
  • Select System
  • Chose Sound form the left
  • Make ensure twice output and input devices should not be muted. You can test them both device and run the troubleshooter if they step won’t work for you.
  • Open Advanced Sound choices.
  • You need to see Fortnite Game on the list. Make Ensure the game it’s not muted.
Check if the Fortnite Voice chat not Working PC problem still facing, then try different steps.

Method #5 Need to Update your sound adapter driver

This is the easiest and common method because an old driver, corrupted or outdated sound adapter driver may be the main cause the Fortnite Voice chat not Working in PC problem.  fast you need to make sure that backing up the current audio Sound card driver in pc. then you need to update the driver to the latest version this step will fix your voice chat related issue
  • One backups are done and all sound driver
  • Open the start menu and search type for “device manager
  • Once opened, you need to search for your sound card under “audio output and input” driver settings.
  • Right-click on it and select to “update the driver”.
  • Restart your PC.
And, I hope it all recommendation helps you to make Fornite voice chat working issues let me know in the comment box below which method has got you the right way.

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